Convention Hours: Friday noon - Monday 5pm (round the clock gaming)

Cthulhu Wars Silent Auction!

This year’s CelestiCon will hold a silent auction of a copy of special guest Sandy Petersen's board game, Cthulhu Wars! The game's miniatures will be painted by some of the best painters in the hobby who have all donated their efforts and time!

All proceeds from the silent auction will go to American Red Cross Disaster Relief – who we suspect would be among the first to respond in the aftermath of the ‘Great Ones’ rising.

Click here to see some of the painting work in progress, and for more details!

2015 Program Book Online

The 2015 CelestiCon Program Book is now available as a PDF. Just click here to view it!

Pathfinder with Loki Williams!

Special guest George ''Loki'' Williams, the lead Pathfinder designer for Savage Mojo, will be running a series of Pathfinder games at CelestiCon.

Look for his Loki's events on the CelestiCon schedule page.


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