The Young Players Room

In room Fremont A, Saturday and Sunday, 9 AM to 6 PM

The Young Players room provides organized play for game-playing children who want to learn and play age-appropriate games. Games for all ages are available! The YP room has an extensive library including: Fluxx, Mad, Apples-to-Apples Junior, BattleCattle, Give Me the Brain, Kill Dr. Lucky, Lunch Money, and MORE!!!! We are always looking to expand the library. We welcome donations of new or used games and dice (any kind).

In the interests of promoting safe and responsible gaming of youth at gaming conventions, this convention has the following policies in effect for the Young Players room:

Children under 8 are welcome, but must be accompanied by a parent.

Parents wanting to drop their young players (ages 8 and up) off at the YP gaming room must first check in with the staff member at the front of the room and fill out an information sheet. Parents must be at the convention and they must be reachable (via cell phone or a set location at the convention).

Young players who do not “play well with others” will be asked to leave.

The Young Players room of assumes no liability or responsibility for young gamers who check into Young Player games without a parent or other supervising adult to complete the emergency information sheet.

Young Players Schedule